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A Bunch of Crazy People's Journal

31st May, 2004. 10:12 pm.

deer diary,

this is E'an again :) :) :) :) :) :) :) hey i learned somethign cool you can use a : and a ) and make a :) :) :) :) :) :) :). thats craaaAAAAzzzyy. :) :) :) :) :) :)

so whats up wit u? :) :) :) :) :) nmh lately just been doing the the usualy by that i mean lianta hahahaha :) :) :) :) :) just kidding but i really have been up to the usual but by that i mean wing duties :) :) not lianta :) :) :)
so how are you? fiareth is growing, actualy she stoped growing a while back shes been grown for a while now but she still looks bigger evry day & sometimes shes pretty brite too but then i alwasy black out and never remember anything :( :( :( :) :) :) :) :)
so anyway whats up but yeah so the other day i woke up with HAIR MISSING!!! omf omf!!! can u believe that? i think tam was palying some trick on me

but anwyay so i keep waking up evry morning and OMF there is some freek-a-leek in my bed all the time, i think her name is lilah or something like that but shes always there and its sooo weird b/c i dont remember why shes there... is that normal? ?) ?) ?) ?) ?) :) :) :) :) :) :) :( :( :( :( :( >( >( >) :) :) :) :)

so a
so an
so any
so anywa
so anyway
so anyway i
so anyway i t
so anyway i th
so anyway i thi
so anyway i thin
so anyway i think
so anyway i think i
so anyway i think i'm
so anyway i think i'm g
so anyway i think i'm go
so anyway i think i'm goi
so anyway i think i'm goin
so anyway i think i'm going
so anyway i think i'm going t
so anyway i think i'm going to
so anyway i think i'm going to g
so anyway i think i'm going to go
so anyway i think i'm going to go NOW!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :): :) :) ) :) :) :) :) :)



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3rd August, 2003. 9:08 am.

dear diary,
hello it has been a wile since i wrot in u. well lets see that wuz back in Ista and now i am changed i am in High Reechez weer. it was werd bc like i had a fite with orbit and then we both desided to move here or somethin actlly i 4get why i moved here oh well.

well i geuss i shuld reintrodus myself i am E'an i ride the green Fiarith and she is so very pretty she is perfect and i have seven childs and they are all mine. i resently became breakfasted (i think that's the word!!!!11) to my love of my life Lianta she is so pretty and wonderful!!!!

actually she isn't pretty and she's sort of quiet and not so wonderful in bed. sort of lose you know oh well? !

well lets c where 2 begin.... last nite i visted ista and i met up with Jozzie, my first lay, and N'ano, my weyrlinghud crush, and Yla, a girl from the Harim back when that exiscted. so lik we were just hanging arund and then me and Yla descided to make out and then she ditched me 4 a 3sum w/ N'ano and Jozzie oh well. i left them a meen note to show my disprovment.

that is all diary bye bye hit someone if they read this HAHAHAHAHAA funny joke i have!!! once there was this farmer and then he had a BOVINE... wait.. i sed it wrong. sorry. byebye.

I just realized any blonde joke could apply to E'an.

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24th June, 2002. 11:51 am.

der diry,
this is ean. how r u? i am hoping that writing this diry wil help me relez this feelings i hav inside.
where to start? wel i had triplts abut a month ago they are sooooo cute i hope everyone likes them but fyria doesn't know yet oh wel.
my dragon is fiarith if she comes to read this hit her on the head ok HA HA HA HA that is sooo funny because i hit her on the hed al the time and she don't care so u can do it, too.
um what else wel i live with the Harim in Ista it is a plaz where we can run arund naked and stuff HA HA HA HA its so cool. we hav sex all the time.
wel i got to go becuz i have to share this diry u know with other people its so dumb don't ask me. bye.

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